Channel Drain Installed

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Cut and break out tarmac/concrete from across the front of the school entrance.
  1. To get a price for this measure the area and apply that to the quantity per meter. 1 meter = £135 installed
  2.  Excavate channels approximately 250mm wide and 150mm deep terminating at, and exposing the existing drainage chamber.
  3. Prepare a 50mm bed of concrete in the channel, sit the channel drain onto the concrete bed ensuring it is level and haunch the drain with concrete.
  4. Make connections via traps between the channel drain and the existing drainage chamber, using suitable pvc drainage pipe and couplings.
  5. Surround exposed pipework with pea gravel before backfilling excavated material and re-laying the tarmac up to the channel.
  6. Remove all excess waste from premises and leave clean and tidy.