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 We only fit Marshalls stone and the price advertised is an installed product price per m2 this includes VAT. The pictures are usually of jobs we have installed or we are currently installing you can add your own measurements to the product and this will give you your actual installed price at checkout. you can then add another product eg turf or artificial grass and the checkout will give you a finial installed price.

      15 products found in Marshalls Garden Paving Installed

      Marshalls Sandstone Paving Install
      • £96.20
      Porcelain Paving Installed
      • £187.80
      Vitrified Paving
      • £198.00
      Drivesett Tegula Original Installed
      • £148.00
      Symphony Urban Ash
      • £138.35
      Indian Sandstone Circle Installed
      • £1,280.00
      Garden Path Installed paving
      • £56.80
      Paving Edging Installed
      • From £42.00
      Arrento Vitified Paving
      • £132.20
      • £113.00
      Symphony Vitrified Plank Paving Edging priced per meter
      • £48.50
      York Stone Installed
      • £148.00
      Customers concrete paving installed
      • £93.00
      Garden Brick Edge Border priced per meter
      • £43.00
      York Stone
      • £177.25