How to Price your landscaping or security post Installation

We have designed this website for you to easily price  your garden make over

First measure your area you can do this with google maps, a tape measure or walk the area and count your steps, roughly one step = one meter this is not accurate but will give you some idea.

You can choose the item that you need to be Installed for example Paving, Turf, Artificial Turf and add the measurements to the item. if you add this to your basket you can then go back and choose another item for example fencing then see a total installed cost

Please note that the price is per square metre unless stated otherwise.

Simply measure your garden and input your measurements to your desired products.


60 x Turf Installed = 60m²
50 x Paving Installed = 50m²

Channel Drain is a per meter price so 10m is a per meter price x 10

If you need any information just ask call on 0161 430 5390 or press the Live Chat day or night we will endeavour to help.

You may not want to pay for your goods and you can request a survey to check your measurements at checkout

The Live Chat works and if you want direction its worth a press even out of normal 9-5 hours


Regards Luke