When you may need a float switch pump

If you have large puddles forming in areas with no access to drainage then it may be time to invest in a float switch pump. Although you could just buy a Dab Verty pump we have already fitted the pump into a plastic drum, we have added an easy access lid so you can just bury these drums underground surround them with 20mm stone which will act as a filter for debris then you will need to send the water down a 25mm HDPE pipe and the cable to a 240 volt socket. Although very simple we have had these installed for upto 4 years and have had no pump breakdowns that were not related to dirt increase into the barrel. this is simple to service but preferably before the float switch stops working and the area floods. the pump runs at around 100 litres per minute so if you get a down pour the pump my take a couple of hours to catch up. We also supply armoured cable and water proof joints. this product is sometimes easier to let us install