If mine and my Neighbours gardens flood ?

There could be a number of reasons why both your garden and your neighbor's garden are consistently flooded. Some possible causes include:

  1. The gardens are located in a low-lying area that is prone to flooding.

  2. The soil in the gardens has poor drainage due to its high clay content or other factors.

  3. There is a high water table in the area, which can cause water to rise to the surface of the soil.

  4. There is a slope or grade that directs water towards the gardens.

  5. There are no drainage channels, such as trenches or pipes, to carry excess water away from the gardens.

  6. The gardens are poorly designed, with insufficient space for water to drain away or with hard surfaces that do not allow water to filter into the soil.

  7. The area receives more rain or snow than the soil can absorb, resulting in excess water.

To determine the cause of the flooding, it may be helpful to investigate the factors listed above and consider whether they could be contributing to the problem. It may also be helpful to consult with a professional, such as a landscaper or soil specialist, to assess the cause of the flooding and recommend appropriate solutions.