I have water in my subfloor or cellar?

Clean and Maintain Gulleys and downspouts


Cleaning your gutters and maintaining your downspouts may not be your first thought when your subfloor is flooded but is an essential part of maintaining your home, keep your gutters, downspouts and gulleys free of debris. Ensuring downspouts are properly positioned away from the foundation running into unblocked gulleys, water from rain and storms will flow freely, rather than pooling up against your home.

Downspouts should direct water into gulleys away from your foundation, although cleaning your gutters and maintaining your downspouts can be a bit of annoyance, it’s  a relatively simple and an inexpensive task.

Whilst cleaning your gutters and downspouts check to see if your gulleys are free of debris and are not flooding when you have a downpour. Often gulleys are blocked and require professional attention to ensure water runs freely away from your home.

Although we love a good flooded Cellar you may want to look to your roof before you look at your cellar drainage, cleaning gutters and downspouts should be your first area to check.